Aprende como maquillarse los ojos ahumados paso a paso

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Reasons you should study an MBA program The MBA has his origin in the traditional post-degree studies in American universities, with a later appearance in Europe, especially in Great Britain. Though they were born in the bosom of the universities, nowadays, there are also business schools promoted by private entities, regional institutions, and managerial groups. What is the content of an MBA? An MBA program is designed to provide to the managerial future, a series of skills and knowledge in the functional areas that any person needs at the moment of directing a company: communication, financial direction, strategic management, marketing, human resources or operations, between others. What kinds of MBAs are there? MBA Executive: The participants must have university qualifications and a minimal experience from 2 to 5 years in managerial positions. Full time/Part time MBA: This type of MBA is set according to the schedule you have to study an MBA. International MBA: The MBA program is structured so that the formation and practices in companies can be made in several countries. For this reason, the access criteria are more rigorous, since the students must accredit an advanced level of languages. Reasons you should study an MBA. If you are planning to look for a job in the business area, having an MBA degree will be the best option for you. The managerial and administration areas are the most demanded by companies. According to some surveys, 86 % of MBA students have found a new job after obtaining the top title. Recovering of the initial investment The investment that students make before initiated an MBA; it is recovered after a few years of finishing their formation. Practice Formation The practical formation of an MBA facilitates the development of student’s skills, as the managerial capacity or team management. Leadership Endowments Throughout the matters given in this master, the students are prepared for the decisions, granting the necessary experience to them, with real examples, to take the company management. Continue Change. An MBA facilitates the adjustment at conditions rate of the economic perspective, which unleashes new paradigms, different administration modalities, and new managerial ethics. Better Qualification As postgraduate formation, an MBA degree is very well valued by the companies, since the participants specialize themselves in different areas, all with practical development in real life. A better qualification in this sector, leads you to a good working conditions, a good salary and the possibility of professional development. International Entrepreneurship In the current economic attitude, companies are expanding by looking outside with the aim to reach new business opportunities. In this respect, professionals are needed by a global vision of the company. An MBA contributes to the safety and the necessary knowledge to undertake, creating or managing different areas of a company. It prepares students to assume the responsibility of company management, as well as facing the difficulties that they could present. Contacts Taking an MBA degree, can give you the opportunity to meet new people that have certain positions in business. It is a good moment to practice networking, a contact network that might be very useful in the future. A holistic Perspective about the World of Business As it was mentioned above, by studying an MBA, you will have the chance to develop a professional and companies’ network that will face with the newest solution of problems. These two networks will give you a great vision of business world, along with a deeper understanding, as well as receptivity of light changes of this kind of internal process. This type of vision, along with certain sensibility is difficult to achieve without spending too much time. Also, as are regular employee, the access to some relevant information will be restricted. As an MBA student, this idea comes together, and it is a huge advantage not only as a manager, but as a potential employer. Do not neglect the chance to consider taking an MBA degree, and get the chance to do your best. The importance of Studying an MBA Nowadays, an MBA (Master of Business Administration), it is undoubtedly one of the most demanded post degree program, that is also the most demanded one by young professionals from different places of the world. They register in this program in order to be able to include it in his/her curriculum and aspire to a better salary, for those who want to be executives of a great multinational company, and simply because they think that if they do not do it, they will remain isolated from the labor way. But the question here is, why should I study an MBA? Well, it is up to everyone. Each person may have his/her reasons, and all of them are valid. On this article, we want you to give you some strong reasons why a professional should study an MBA, and the importance of having this kind of degree. Who needs to study an MBA? The first thing that you have to identify here is if you are the right person to study a MBA, and if your profession does not exactly involve in administration, accounting, economy, engineering, architecture, etc. yet you can take an MBA program and professionally grow by acquiring business knowledge, entrepreneurship, with the dream of becoming an executive of a company, an advisor, or a business person. What does an MBA offers you? An MBA offers to you a general knowledge in detail on how a company must work, as well as it analyzes in detail the different areas that compose it. It is allowed to the student to develop his/her analysis capacity of challenges opposite to the market and his/her competitors, taking to the debate a series of real situations that a company can undertake with the executives, and the possible solutions that they can find. It is also important to highlight that an MBA facilitates the changing adaptation under economical perspective that result into new paradigms, different administrative situations, and new business conduct of ethics. Currently, many companies around the world are spreading themselves to different countries in order to achieve different purposes, although the main target is to reach new business opportunities. These companies are searching new professionals with a global vision that help them to achieve those goals in their markets they have investments. Entrepreneurship This postgraduate formation degree contributes to the safety and the necessary knowledge to undertake, creating or managing the different areas of a company. It prepares students to assume the responsibility of directing a company / department, of initiating his/her business, as well as be ready to face any situations in which they have to solve by his/herself and continue growing without slow down, or losing the opportunity to learn from that and do not commit the same mistake again. Besides that, those workers that are planning to impulse their careers through an MBA program, it is important to know that many companies are helping their executives to offer some economical sponsorship directed to continuing enhancing their formation. It is important not to forget that the better formation you have, the higher the labor productivity you can show at least in the majority of the cases. Having a business can be at the beginning a try and error process. With an MBA degree you can shorten the process since the master offers you all the tools you need to have to fix any inconvenience you may find while the business is growing. Do not waste your time, and think about taking an MBA degree with all the good things that this diploma will provide to you for your future. Finally, some important financial institutions grant scholarships and helps for the study of this type of programs. On this case, they can be linked to the presentation to some kind of project, or to any contest that can be on the search of new talents.

¿Siempre has querido verte como las famosas con esos ojos llamativos y tener una mirada muy penetrante?, Aprende en este articulo como maquillarse los ojos ahumados con unos sencillos pasos y luce igual a tus estrellas o famosas favoritas, puede ser de día o de noche para cuando vayas a una fiesta, Dale una impactante profundidad a tus ojos en tan solo segundos y muy fácilmente.

Se que como somos mujeres nos encanta buscar la manera de vernos bellas y sentirnos mas que bien, ya sea porque nos sentimos así o porque otras personas nos alagan con sus palabras, la belleza física es una forma de atraer y si tenemos esa mirada cautivante a mas de uno podemos dejar boquiabiertos, las técnicas de maquillaje son primordiales para lograr el look que deseas.

como maquillarse los ojos ahumados

como maquillarse los ojos ahumados
Como maquillarse los ojos ahumados para el día – paso a paso

Cuando maquillamos los ojos con el efecto ahumado, su característica es darle una profundidad a nuestra mirada, es importante que si vas a usarlo de día no puedes recargarlo mucho ese toque déjalo para la noche. Para cualquier maquillaje de estilo ahumado vamos a necesitar sombras grises o plateadas para denominar lo ahumado, ya que estas son las mas cercanas al color negro y para delimitar ambas usando la sombra marrón. Utilizando el rimel y el delineador podemos complementar nuestro maquillaje, pero te explico paso a paso lo que tienes que hacer para lograrlo:

Antes de todo, aplica sombra de color rosa claro o vainilla sobre ambos parpados tanto el superior como el interior, tiene que ser un tono muy claro y suave.

Luego con la ayuda de un pincel de sombra plano, aplica un poco de marrón claro o que tenga como un poco de brillo y debes hacerlo en ambos parpados como hiciste en el paso uno.

Aquí en el paso tres, debes difuminar bien las sombras aplicadas hasta el momento, ¿como hacerlo?, bueno sencillo, con la ayuda de una brocha difuminadora que contenga bastante pelos y con una forma redonda así que ella nos favorecerá esparciendo el color por todo el parpado, logrando que las sombras queden perfectas. Este paso también se comienza a delinear la parte inferior del ojo con un lápiz del mismo color que a sombra.

Estando en el cuarto paso, se debe aplicar una sombra marrón pero mas oscura que la usada anteriormente por la zona externa del ojo hasta mas o menos donde se une el pico de la oreja, en otras palabras, comenzando desde el extremo del ojo pero hasta la mitad y después se vuelve a difuminar con el mismo pincel, la sombra que se acaba de aplicar y el delineado inferior que se hizo en el paso anterior. Es como si pintaras la parte exterior del ojo hasta la mitad tanto arriba como abajo.

Por ultimo solo nos queda utilizar un delineador de color negro y un poco de rimel para darle una mayor vida y volumen a nuestras pestañas. Al haber terminado el resultado es increíble y ya tienes el maquillaje de ojos ahumados muy fácil de hacer y para usarlo de día.
como maquillarse los ojos ahumados de dia

como maquillarse los ojos ahumados de dia
Como maquillarse los ojos ahumados de noche – paso a paso

Si estas en una noche especial y ya has escogido un vestido espectacular, unos maravillosos tacones e increíbles accesorios que le dan una gran combinación a todo tu estilo, pero tienes un problema y es que no sabes como maquillarte para esta ocasión. Si deseas lucir una mirada atractiva, profunda y muy intensa, lo mejor es que lleves a cabo un maquillaje con un estilo ahumado. En este estilo el gran protagonista es el color negro y tienes que darle la importancia que se merece a tus ojos y dejando como segundo lugar los labios, pero manteniendo el equilibrio en ambas para lograr un perfecto estilo.

Aplica una base de maquillaje acorde con tu piel para que obtengas un estilo natural.

Este estilo de maquillaje es lo ultimo en cuanto a las sombras de ojos, ya que es muy versátil debido a que puedes transformar tus ojos del día a la noche, aplica el lápiz de ojos negro en la linea interior del ojo de las pestañas inferiores.

Aplica una sombra de tono negro y extiéndela trazando un arco sobre el pliegue y también a lo largo de la linea base de las pestañas inferiores.


intensifica la mirada aplicando una capa de la mascara de pestañas (rimel) en tono negro, para dar volumen desde su primera aplicación.

Para darle estilo a tus labios, tienes que usar un tono muy claro y suave ya que toda la intensidad la tendrán tus ojos y no puedes exagerar con ambas, para conseguir la forma de corazón de una

forma perfecta, con la ayuda de un hisopo empapalo con desmaquillante y deslizalo hacia abajo para exagerar bien el arco, después utiliza la yema de tus dedos para unir el contorno y usa aplicador para rellenar los labios.